7th of November 2023

As I don't have enough time for the technical part and writing texts, I decided to look for freelancers to develop the plot. At first, everything was quiet, but now there are a couple of candidates, which is pleasing.

Lately, I've been working on redesign and new features after the demo session. This is a blocker, so these changes should be reflected in the technical task for mobile applications as soon as possible.

With the arrival of new users, the issue of email delivery has become acute. Emails often don't pass spam filters or the Outlook account is blocked. Initially, I chose Outlook because I didn't need to link a separate phone number to register, but as it turned out, sending mail through this service is extremely unstable even for micro-applications. I decided to switch to a private email provider, but that didn't help overcome spam filters, especially in Gmail. After that, I added a DKIM key to the DNS registry of the hosting. This is one of the most common recommendations I found on the internet. We're testing to see if this approach helps.

I'm very happy to have received many positive and helpful reviews about the project. This means it will be very pleasant for me to continue working.