15th of December 2023

Happy upcoming holidays to everyone! The idea for the project came to me in December of last year. It spontaneously popped into my head, and I made a small sketch of the application. I liked what came out of it, so I decided to continue with this endeavor. Over the past year, I realized what a long journey it is from an idea to bringing even a simple concept to life. At the same time, working on creating something of your own is a great pleasure and a break from everyday routine.

In the last month, a lot of work has been done under the hood: the technical stack has been updated, library versions have been upgraded, an automated project build and deployment to the server have been implemented. In the web application, a console has been added where you can see the choices made by each player in the previous chapter, you can turn on music, and return to the beginning of the chapter. We created an Android repository and uploaded the foundation of the application to GitHub.

I found an author on freelancing, and she has already started working on the fifth chapter. Perhaps another participant will join our creative group after the new year. We'll need to plan the plot development up to the tenth chapter. Also, in the near future, I plan to finish the technical specifications for mobile applications and move on to the functions of account deletion and modification.