24th of January 2024

January is already coming to an end, but we still have time to share our plans for the year 2024. The goal we are currently working on is the release of 10 chapters in Russian and English, the implementation of settings changes and account deletion features, as well as the integration of the payment system. However, there is already a clear perspective that the main challenge for the project will be attracting new users. Although the game has received a positive feedback (despite being in an early phase), each new registration is coming with great difficulty. We have already started promoting the game on various social networks (by the way, check out our accounts), and when the work on the previous step is completed, the priority will shift to marketing strategy and advertising.

Meanwhile, development is not standing still. In the past month, the technical specification for mobile devices has finally been completed, the 5th chapter has been made publicly available, and integration tests of the main stages of the gameplay have been conducted on the backend. Now it's time to start working on new features.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

P.S. All images have been converted to the webp format, reducing their size by at least 5 times without noticeable loss of quality, and this has greatly improved the website's rendering speed.